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Wedding Marquee Hire in London

About our Wedding Marquees


Experienced professionals, Dynamic Marquee Ltd has a long history of providing marquee hire for weddings all across London and beyond.

At Dynamic, we put our marquee hire clients that the core of our business. Although we always like to deliver, we understand that wedding marquees are some of the most important jobs that we do – it’s your special day, and the last thing you want to worry about is your wedding marquee. We offer spaces, lighting, catering, and accessories that will make your wedding day an unforgettable one.

That’s why we pour every bit of our experience of wedding marquee hire into our work, gathered from countless marquee jobs all over London, helping you to better plan your outdoor wedding space for efficient delivery, while ensuring your wedding venue looks the best it can be for your special day.

Up-to-date and stylish, Dynamic Marquees uses fashionable and traditional wedding marquee designs to ensure we have exactly what you’re looking for, with flexible marquee sizing to fit almost any space and venue.

A complete marquee hire service for the London area, Dynamic also offers everything you require to kit out your wedding marquee too, from flooring to bars, lighting, dancefloors and stages – this is a full event service to ensure you’re left wanting nothing for what is set to be the happiest day of your life.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch early to get a quote. As experienced wedding marquee professionals, we’re familiar with many of the wedding venues in and around London, which could be you get a quick quote!

A Couple Has A Budget - We Have the Solution

We will plan around a budget and find just the right location for a couple's wedded bliss. Whether they want a small wedding at home or a large one in a banquet hall, at Dynamic Marquee, we are able to set up the arrangements for the happy bride and groom. At all times, we will keep in mind the budget that they have in store to get them the very most for their money. Whether they want a large or small gathering, we will handle all of the details for the couple so that they won't get bogged down in the stresses of planning a wedding. We're experts at what we do, and a couple can put their trust in us all the way through the entire process. We leave no stone uncovered, and ensure customer service is of up most importance. When it comes to booking a marquee for a wedding in London, look no further than Dynamic Marquees.


Fantastic Food and Lots Of It

With our Dynamic Marquee, we will find the best food for a celebration that will be noteworthy. With all types of catering options for every taste, a couple will be able to pick from a formal experience or a buffet-style food presentation. This will be an event that will turn the heads of all in attendance.


Music and Lighting That Is Unbelievable

Our music and lighting hire options are fantastic. A couple will be able to have just what they are looking for in order to make it a day that they have always dreamed of. Since we have the ability to create the most opulent of occasions, an event that is planned by us is always one that will be cherished for many years to come.


All the Little Extras And A Whole Lot More


As a couple, there are many incidentals to worry about, like greeting the guests, etc. So, leave all the little details to us. We will make sure that the decorations are just right, the accessories for the wedding are impressive, and the overall atmosphere is one of a spectacular nature.


Special Requests Are Welcomed


Some couples have special requests, and we know that they have incredible meanings behind them. We work diligently to provide our 

clients with any special requests that they have in mind. We are in the business of creating wonderful weddings, so our clients know that their ideas are always welcomed. They can be very unusual or simple, and we will accommodate the happy couple who will be celebrating their marriage vows through our planning.


Getting to Know Us Better Is Very Simple


When a couple contacts us, we will want to find out a lot about each other. This is all completed in a friendly way so that we can find out more about a couple's likes and dislikes and the ideas that they have for their wedding day. We like to make a couple feel right at home so that they can discuss any and all issues with us about how they want their day to proceed. This will be handled professionally and precisely.


Getting Physically Ready for The Big Day


We know that the bride and groom need to get ready for their beautiful moments. They will have the space that they need to make sure that they look great. If they are in need of any last-minute supplies, we will have them on hand. Since we are the experts, we know that forgetting things can happen, and we will be there for our clients should this happen.


Customer Service is Excellent with Dynamic Marquees


Any and all questions that a couple will have at any time during their involvement with the Dynamic Marquee will be handled efficiently and promptly. We pride ourselves in giving the very best customer service at all times. Pleasing our clients is extremely important to us during every part of the process that results in the culmination of an unbelievable event that is guaranteed to receive the results that a couple wants.

Couples are encouraged to contact Dynamic Marquee today to schedule an appointment that will mark the beginning of the best times of their lives. Dynamic Marquee will be pleased to take the hassle out of the planning their venue and allow the couple to enjoy all the fantastic moments that will be part of their special day together, surrounded by the people that they know and love.


Wedding Marquee Styles

The beauty of making use of outdoor wedding space with a wedding marquee is that it can be easily customised to suit the style you want for your big day.

We’ve seen our marquees styled out to some amazing standards, from fairytale tents and initimate ceremonies, to grand social weddings kitted out to party.

Because of the modular nature of our marquees, we can start them from as small as just 3m wide, but extend them to be as big as you need, whether that’s on hard ground or grass