So you’re arranging a large event. Perhaps it’s a wedding or else a garden party of some sort. Either way, once you’ve arranged a decent outdoor marquee hire, you’ll want to get to work on your decorations and that’s what we’re here to talk about today.

Working With The Environment

There are loads of excellent ways to decorate a marquee, but one of the best tricks is to take advantage of the environment around you. If there are flowers nearby, pay attention to the colour scheme and match your decorations and flower arrangements to the colours around you.

Furthermore, you also want to consider ways in which the environment might affect your decorations. Make sure things are tied down and safe from the wind, and consider whether or not your decorations will need to be taken down in poor weather conditions. Of course, with any luck, you’ll get nice weather, but it’s always good to prepare for the worst.

Check Out Your Outdoor Marquee Hire Company’s Gallery

If you’re working with a reputable outdoor marquee hire company, they should have an extensive gallery of previous clients. If so, then why not take a look through the photographs to see which ideas you might want to take inspiration from? Remember that the outdoor marquee hire company will have selected the very best of their previous clients and so you’ll get to select from all the most tasteful ideas.

Consider Your Lighting

People often overlook lighting when it comes to decoration, but in many ways, it really is the unsung hero of a beautiful event. During the day, you’ll naturally want to take advantage of the outdoor lighting, with perhaps a few fairy lights in place to add to the aesthetic, but as evening rolls around, how you choose to light your marquee will make a big difference to the atmosphere of your event. Think about what colour of lighting you want, where you want lights to be positioned. Do you want overhead lighting or table lamps?

Ultimately, decoration is both the most fun and the most challenging part of outdoor marquee hire. It’s a chance for you to set your creativity free and show your guests the kind of amazing design skills you’ve been hiding away. We hope you have a great time planning your outdoor event and all goes well for you on the day!